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Healthy kitchen in your home

kitchenThe kitchen, this room is identical to the activities of the housewife. In this place, mother provides food for her husband and children. The kitchen in the past envisioned as the place is dirty and smells. What about your kitchen? Is your kitchen design reflects the healthy kitchen?
So, to create a healthy kitchen, you may notice the following things.

Light in Kitchen
Light is one of the important things that must be considered to be able to cook would need adequate lighting. The light itself can be obtained from 2 sources, ie sunlight and lights.

Sun Light
Sunlight is very beneficial to kill germs in the kitchen. Since the kitchen garbage so often produced germ often appears in this room. In order to obtain sufficient sunlight, while trying to make the kitchen look at the number and size of the window or open space so they can get enough sunlight. With sufficient sunlight, meaning no need to turn on the lights in the daytime so that the saving in electricity usage.

Because sunlight is not available at all times, then the lamp light is also needed as a replacement light. There are 3 types of lights that can be used in the kitchen, namely:

o Light Commercial
Used to illuminate the kitchen, especially when there is no sunlight. The lighting should not be too dim or too bright so it can hurt the eyes.
o Light Special
Usually using halogen lamp and placed under the kitchen set. Used to illuminate specific areas, for example in a commonly used for cutting food materials so that the presence of these lights can be seen more clearly the color of food and determine the condition of food is it still good or not.
o Light Accents
Lighting is used to beautify the appearance of the kitchen. Generally placed in the cabinet on the door glass cabinet containing a display. With the presence of this lamp will certainly reinforce the beauty of the kitchen.

Air circulation in the Kitchen
In the process of cooking, the smoke generated as a result of waste. Certainly not convenient, if smoke can not be removed from the kitchen. The exchange of air with fresh air which can occur when there is a window or hole that connects with the open space. However, if your kitchen does not have it, you can use the cooker hood which will suck the smoke of the cooking process so that the air in the kitchen to be more fresh.

Kitchen Hygiene
The kitchen is the largest producer of household waste at home. For waste generated does not cause disease and odors, then you must keep the kitchen clean. The trick is to clean the kitchen after finished cooking. Oil splashes, spills or splashes of water dressing should be cleaned. In addition, you also must throw garbage in the kitchen every day because the waste is stored more than one day will be the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Therefore, taking into account the lighting in the kitchen, then your kitchen is not a place dark and dirty. In addition, by keeping the air circulating in the kitchen, you will also have a kitchen that is not humid and odorless. And kitchen hygiene is also important to maintain a healthy kitchen. Sure you’ll make the best for your family’s health. Therefore from now, keep your kitchen hygiene and health.

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