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3 Carport Design With Small Budget

carport_mainPrioritizing the budget calculations for the manufacture of more satisfactory carport. Here are three alternative designs with different material selection plus price range that can be your inspiration.

The basic function carport is a car park in open areas of a building (house). Usually, size is not too large, about 3×5 m.

That must be considered before building a carport are two important material that is the floor (ceramic, concrete rebates, conblock / grassblock, grass, wood, natural stone, iron plates) and roof (concrete, polycarbonate / fiber, glass, wood, vines, iron, steel, cloth, etc.).

You are free to choose which one alloy. More precisely, let’s follow these guidelines.

Design 1:

Iron + Polycarbonates

Iron is a material manufacturer, which generally can be installed quickly and simply. But in terms of content and strength of materials, still below the steel so the price is cheaper. Therefore, the iron for carport structures need to be modified, such as elbows, etc. are additional.

To cover the roof, can be closed with a polycarbonate material which includes fiber and translucent materials. This material is relatively affordable and are designed for transparent roof material.

For certain construction, iron require elbow joints and easy on corrosion if not coated with paint.

Polycarbonate material light and color and line motif which is unfortunately pretty easy to get dirty and damaged.

Design 2:

Concrete + Glass

Concrete is the most common construction materials in houses. The development of technology makes this material can modified into diverse forms.

As a carport roof and floor, concrete expression with various types of finishing. As motive kamprot, scratch, or exposure. Concrete also can be made with cantilever construction (hanging by one side of the pole). As an aesthetic element, concrete can be combined with glass. Glass also serves as a natural lighting.

Concrete prices are relatively affordable and easy to apply, can also be combined with any material. Shortcomings, including the heavy concrete and to design modifications must be calculated the power structure.

Glass material receptive of light and thin surfaces. but easy to get dirty.

Design 3:

Steel + vines

The issue of global warming demand our homes have a rather large green area. Aside from being a substitute for oxygen, plants also can reduce exposure to the sun’s heat.

To carport, vines can be selected as shown in this design.

Although not as expensive as concrete, steel price is quite expensive. Fortunately he was strong and create a bold futuristic impression.

While the vines are many options but you need to think about the type of cost and time of treatment.

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