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Back to nature motif

Nature-InteriorMotif that lead back to nature is now mainstream. Not only in fashion, but also in the interior world. For example, the fish motif and other sea dwellers. So where motifs like you put this match? Consider the following tips.

Curtain pole ends can also be made uniform with the order of the house. As in the picture, looks motif shellfish, fish, or sea horse. Not difficult, lo, make it. You can just form a motif that you like from wood and match into your curtain pole.

Mat towel
It is not hard to find a small mat or carpet fish motif today because the middle of mainstream. You can put this mat in front of the bathroom or when a carpet, in certain places a similar arrangement.

Do not ignore the appearance of a small closet. Although trivial, these same cabinets can also, lo, giving accent charming. After all, you just stay to give the picture and color it according to its surrounding colors.

There are still other things that you can also mix with a fish motif. For example, mirror frames. Just use a thin wood that has been sanded. Draw with a motif that you want and give color. In order to look natural, do not use a brush to color. Rough sponge to wash the furniture, more appropriate to produce a paint technique such as this.

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