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Ideas for your apartment

Apartment_interiorWho says managing apartment limit your creativity? The following six ideas ready to pamper residents to always feel at home in the apartment.

Apartments come in the middle of urban public life who seek alternatives other than residential homes. No wonder the nuances of modern interior design, practical, and comfortable. The concept of apartments and houses is no different in terms of function, namely to provide comfort for the residents after the move all day.

And, no matter how small it can be tricked arrangement interior design so that existing space can eventually be used optimally. Only it is not enough theory, yes! Apply 6 ideas that can be realized according to your needs.

1. Mirror

Because of reflection, the mirror is the best manipulator to give the impression of broad in limited space. Place a large mirror in space that is often used as a center of activity. For example, dining room or living room watching television. In order not to disturb the reflections, make sure the mirror is placed in areas that are rarely exposed to light or against the window.

Today, more and more choices mirror, not just a simple box shape. Stay adjust the overall apartment design.

Do not forget to clean the mirrors, and leaves no spots for later, cast a mirror on the cloth cleaning cloth (choose a clean and smooth), dry cloth immediately with a similar but new.

2. Hide and Seek

Do not want to bother with a variety of household purposes such as washing machines and gas? Apply the concept of “Hide and Seek” aka hide all the most commonly used tools in-costum-made storage.

For example, the kitchen set is painted white to give effect to this broad, deliberately made drawers and cabinets are equipped with pads to save gas and trash. So for a refrigerator does not interfere with mobility then routed accidentally stored in the built-in furniture kitchen set.

Another idea, saving washing machines and electric panel in grooved wooden cabinet hidden. The size of a washing machine that no longer bother because it does not block the driveway, right? So is the electric panel which looked lovely when affixed to the wall just like that.

You can order this kind of storage or closet on furniture craftsman subscription by making a sketch first. Consult with an interior designer and manager of the apartment for more leverage its use in the future, yes!

3. Practical Small Furniture

It would be more practical if used precisely multifunctional furniture. What is clear, choose the furniture in a small size because if otherwise, the room will be crowded.

Sofa beds are very practical for those who live in studio apartments. For living room or family room alone, choose a three-seater sofa. You can modify the dining room into chic and modern. Incidentally, the dining room designs that blend with the couch is now a trend, why do you not try it?

Or, you want more out of the box? Put the television on the panel may be set position, whether it is facing into the bedroom or bathroom

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