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What should be noticed when renting a house

rent houseTo be protected by law when renting a house, you have to make a house into a lease agreement with respect to some clauses.

The house is a property that could be “employed” to supplement their income. One way is to rent it. To protect the practice of renting a house, the government issued Government Regulation regarding the Non Owner Occupancy Houses. This regulation will provide legal protection guarantee for both owners and tenants / occupants.

If you plan to rent a house, you as a homeowner must pay attention to the legal agreement between the owner of the house with tenants. The residential houses by non-owners by way of a lease is only valid if the owner’s consent or permission. This Agreement may be made in the form of a written agreement. There are 3 clauses that should be agreed on in the lease agreement, the clause the rights and duties, term of lease clauses, and clause of the lease price.

Notice the rights and obligation

Clause is a clause the rights and obligations that need to be considered by you (the owner) and tenant. Each party must understand and implement what the obligations and get what they are entitled.

As a homeowner, you have the right to receive rents from the tenants and gave the house in good condition according to the conditions set forth in the agreement. Good housing conditions are not only physically, but also non-physical. Non-physical condition in question is a legal condition of the house, a rental house must be clean of the dispute and not secured.

While the tenant is obliged to use and occupy the house in accordance with its function. Also needs to be explained in the clause the rights and obligations, who will pay the bills incurred during the tenant occupies the house (such as electricity, telephone, and water).

When the costs are borne by the tenant, you try to ask for a deposit to the tenant at the time of the first lease payment. These deposits are used when there are arrears of electricity or telephone bill, after the tenants left the house.

If money does not guarantee you include in clause agreement, feared by the end of the lease houses, tenants leaving in arrears bill in large numbers.

On the other hand, the payment of property tax bills (UN), charged to homeowners. Tenants there is no obligation to pay UN bills. UN payments subject to a rental house to anyone who takes advantage of the house / land in question..

Determination Period and Charges

Other clauses that need attention and should be included in the agreement are in addition to the rights and obligations of the lease term clause and rental costs. When the end of their lease agreement, it also ended the right of tenants to occupy the house. If tenants do not want to extend the contract period, the tenant must leave the house and return home in good condition. But if it turns out the tenant still wants the house and rent it then you still have to put up a new agreement.

The lease term should you set yourself. If you do not want to be bothered with the affairs of the extension of the lease agreement then you can create a rental period between 1 to 2 years. However, you can also make a short term agreement, such as 6 months.

The amount of house rents set according to the agreement between you and the tenant. There is a good idea before setting the price, you rent a house price survey in the area around first. Thus the fair rents set; not too high or too low.

Agreement payment schedule can also be negotiated with the tenant. Ideally, the payment is made at the beginning agreement. But it can also payment installments. For example, payments can be made every 3 months or 6 months to 1 year lease term.

During the period of the agreement, even if full payment is not made at the start of the agreement, you are not allowed to raise prices unilaterally rental homes. The increase in rental price is permitted after the period of the lease agreement is completed.

Rent Refund
All payments of rent already paid can not be held back by the tenant, unless the tenant aggrieved by the homeowner. When a rented house destroyed and can not be inhabited again, homeowners must return the rent in accordance with the time left. Conversely, if only partially destroyed house, the relationship can proceed on the basis of a lease agreement.

Other Rules For Renters

Although already paying rent, tenants must remain subject to the rules given you as a homeowner. The rules that can be applied of them are as follows.

– Tenants are prohibited from re-rented house rented, to third parties without your written permission.
– Tenants are prohibited from changing the shape of the building without permission from you.
– Tenants must give house keys to you when the contract is finish.

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