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Design your own garden part 1

design your own gardenThe small garden can make a house look more beautiful and classy, if you know the tricks.

Create your own garden at home is not easy. Therefore, many people who entrust the construction of gardens on expert on landscape. However, if you would like to be creative and willing to spare time to learn, you can really create your own beautiful garden at home. Here are some simple tips that you can make your garden look more beautiful.

According to expert, before making a garden, first you have to consider what is the concept of the building of your home. After that, adjust your garden concept with the concept of the building. For example, if your building is minimalist concept, then create a park with the same concept. Garden design should fit with the concept of the building so that it becomes a harmonious unity

Well, the next step is clean the yard. Usually at the new houses, there are many spilled garbage or waste such as construction debris, paint cans, or plastic. So, before create the garden, make sure that all the trash has swept clean.

Notice the condition of the Land

Determine the pattern of contours on the garden should also considered. This is the trick you should apply. Do you want a garden contoured hill (hill), normal (flat), terraced, or variations? But remember, everything should fit your needs.

Afterwards, do not forget to notice the condition and soil moisture. Whether the soil is fertile or not? If the soil is fertile, you don’t need to add the loose soil. However, if you have to add, you can get good quality fertile soil in others design

To avoid the mistake, you need to understand well what kind of fertile soil. Many people have the thought that the color of fertile soil is brown or red. In fact, black fertile soil is suitable for plants with flowers, while the brown or red fertile soil is more suitable for growing fruit plants.

Think about the Plant

Garden without plants is certainly not complete. Therefore, you must adapt the concept of garden plants with the desirable. For a tropical garden concept, the more suitable plants of course is the large plants as the palm tree, and for the minimalist garden, on the contrary.

Beside that, you should also notice the nature of plants. Is the plant in accordance with the location of weather conditions. Otherwise, as the development of the plants (ranging from the growth of leaf and flower color, etc.), the park becomes unsightly.

For the grass, it is better to use mini elephant grass. This type of grass is the most idol as a base park. Don’t ever grow grass under trees, it will not grow. To limit the trees lush with the garden, try to limit it by stepping to the garden in order to look more beautiful and neat.

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