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Design your own garden part 2

garden design2Set the position of the garden

Talk about the types of flowers, the most frequently hunt is the Singapore Soka and Cambodia. In addition to be used as the cover of the nice garden, growing flowers is also not too high (maximum 30 cm). This is different with the high local class.

There are also shrubs such as Cordyline. This plant look like Gardenias with only yellow-white and Rulia with pink, white, and blue. If there is still space in front of the pedestrian or outside the garden fence, plant with only Cabbage Singapore.

After knowing which plants that will be selected, first identify the plant’s growth process. The reason, the growth rate of each plant is different. Examples Flowers Kana, although when you buy the tiny size, after planting will fast grow. So, do not make a mistake by placing it in the middle. After some time, this flower quickly grow until it covered the other flowers behind it.

Palm planting also should not be indiscriminate. Make attention to the hole and soil conditions. Before planting, place first the sand and debris in the hole. Its function, so that the roots of palm fibers can hold on to the sand and debris so that when the wind blowing the palm plant, its position remained upright.

In addition, consider how to plant. If a palm-sized six meters, the hole should be a minimum height of 50 cm with a mixture of sand and debris as high as 20 cm. Base of the palm also can not be planted too deep so the roots do not rot.

Intensive Care

Intensive care is needed, especially for newly planted plant. First, consider which one plants that is need more water, and not.

enhance your gardenFor example, Sansevieria plants that can not be watered too much. For big and tall plants (like palm), splash the tree from the top tree to the ground with plenty of water. The goal, so the tree does not adapt to dehydration due to its roots and yet still grow new roots.

You can also use irrigation systems springkle practical. Notes, must be careful in placing it. If not, then the water will not be maximized watering. For example land 200 m2, at least there should be three springkle for all plants.

Secondly, the use of fertilizers and pesticides at least once every three months. Try using an environmentally friendly fertilizer, and not made from chemicals. Third, notice the weeds and weeds that grow after three days of planting.

Add a Decoration

As discussed earlier, you can enhance your garden with the use of stepping. In addition, there are also rocks, walls, ponds, or fountains. Make sure the design is attractive and fit, so the garden more beautiful.

To cover the garden, use different color stone, stepping stone Alor (large or small). and for the ponds, try using a water circulation system correctly and do not forget to sprinkle powdered abate diligently to eliminate mosquito larvae.

When creating stepping, apply a more natural way to better water absorption and environmentally friendly. Before the soil plastered with the stone, flatten the ground (no need sand), then cover it with biotekstil (no cement) and soil. After that, just stick the stone on it. Do not worry, though without cement, stone position will not change despite the rain and washed away, the stone is also kept clean.

Lighting system is also to be laid out direct to the park, not to the house. For large trees (such as palm or coconut oil), place it just below the lights and heading up the tree. That way, the garden is not only looks beautiful in the daytime, but also at night.

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