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Bathroom with the nature concept

Bathroom with the nature concept

nature bathroomCurrently, bathroom is no longer viewed as simply place of an activity to clean the body. Especially in everyday that has been very much time-consuming. Shower activity is considered as a special time in which the body and mind can more relax. Therefore, any bathroom design should support the activities of this relaxation.

One is the bathroom design that emphasizes natural elements. Objects that are associated with nature can not only spoil the eye, but also stimulate other senses. For example, the ears hear the gurgling of water, the feet felt rough of the floor.

Some of the following ways can be done to bring natural atmosphere into the bathroom.

Create large space and area in the bathroom that can enter the green trees from the outside of the house. Sunlight may also be able to irradiate the bathroom area and eliminate the moisture that is not healthy. If you scare of someone that can look you in the bath, you can create the area on that located at the top opened, at least above head level.

Select natural materials like natural stone or a tree branch. The rough texture of natural stone makes the bathroom area feels like in the wild area, reminiscent of a pond or river. Beside that the branches of wood can be used as towels or clothes hanger.

green bathroomBathroom fittings such as sinks, faucets, bathtubs, can be choose which the design takes inspiration from nature. The equipment can be made from material in the form of organic clay. Ornaments animals such as dragonflies, frogs, fish, or turtles can naturally strengthen the impression this bathroom.

Bathroom painting and brush with natural colors. The inspiration of green color from the plant can be applied. Combine this with the brown ground color, and color of gray stone, to create a perfect replica of the outdoors.

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