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Caring for Antique Furniture

caring for antique furnitureCaring for Antique Furniture
Caring for antique furniture can not be arbitrary. Here are some tips to keep the antique remains slick.

1. Use a good quality paste wax every two months. Paste wax can be obtained at furniture stores. In the right portion, pasta making and color characteristics of wood so prominent. Use a soft cloth that has been given a paste and apply a rotating manner. Allow to dry and wipe again with a clean cloth. Too much pasta can make the furniture more easily become dull and dusty. If that happens, use a cotton cloth that has been given varesol to clean pasta.

2. Avoid using aerosol sprays which contain silicone oil that harmful to furniture. For day to day, use a clean cloth.

3. By using cloth on top of antique furniture, damage can be prevented. Also avoid exposing very hot or cold directly on top of antiques.

4. Prevent scratches by not dragging objects on top of antique furniture. Small scratches can be repaired with a few products that can be obtained at the furniture store. However, scratches which are too deep can be handled by carpenters.

5. Clean up liquid spills on the furniture, especially liquids that contain alcohol. How to clean it is not by way swabbed, but touch with fingertips. By wiping, alcohol a destructive nature will spread.

6. Limit direct sun contact on antique furniture. Contact in a long time can make furniture look like yellowish. If the glass window is not possible given the curtain, ultraviolet shine layers can be added.

7. Humidity affect the antique furniture that changes in humidity should be maintained so as not to change too drastically.

8. When the house is flooded, antique furniture should be some extra attention, especially if the price is expensive

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