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How to anticipate Flood, The home owner has to Standby!

How to anticipate Flood, The home owner has to Standby!

Flood is a classic problem for almost all homeowners. Various attempts had been made, both by governments and society. However, flood is often a problem in almost every year.

beware of floodTo you who have homes in flood prone areas, alert measures to deal with the coming of heavy rains must be done immediately. Especially in terms of interior which is always the flood victims and it is caused considerable material losses.

The anticipatory steps that you can do as follows:

1. Floor
Floods often create problems with the ride or the release of ceramic from the floor. Because it is should not have to installed ceramic floor. Or tile should be removed as well. And floor trimmed with cement mortar exposure. In terms of color is not very comfortable because of the color gray. The longer the cement floor is more shine than usual.

The color is not attractive can be overcome by using wall paint colors that are brighter. It is also could use cement in green, yellow or beige, red is commonly used as a mixture to obtain the desired color.

2. Wall
After the flood disappeared, it would arise generally marks the height of water on the wall. Not including the side effects of mold on the walls because of damp. Because it can use the wood for finishing paint on the walls in order to beautify the interior re-design.

Paint the wood is generally easier to clean and more resistant to water than ordinary wall paint. If there were more funds could also be the installation of natural stone in the wall. But the choice is limited because it can be used only sandstone, stone temples, stone Palimanan. The use of this natural stone can also be a variation of half-wall panel or as a focal wall of the room. This is done to offset and unify the design of the wall with cement floors.

3. Ceilings and doors
Hopefully, the ceiling of your house is not flooded. But if indeed there may be flooded well to use the concept of an open ceiling to expose the roof of the horses. With the consequences of the horses must be finishing with wood paint to look more pleasing to the eye.

The use of aluminum or plastic materials for frames and doors in the house could also be considered to replace the wooden door jamb and expands as it absorbs water after a flood.

4. Furniture
You can use the furniture of wrought iron such as iron or ordinary steel that finishing with duco paint. The use of furniture, of iron or wrought iron can be to a bed or dining table, desk or study and others, as well as to beautify the interior design of your home.

In addition to aluminum, wrought iron can also be a choice for dining chairs, guest chairs, armchair which are sold in stores today aluminum. The price is also much cheaper than furniture made of iron and wrought iron. Use of sofa should be reconsidered. Or it could also design your own sofa using wrought iron and coated foam padded synthetic leather.

For better wardrobe using plastic cabinets comprising drawer. Current design of the plastic drawers improved. Some are designed colored and looks like wood. In addition to easy to clean plastic is also more water resistant.

Another alternative is to use a framed cabinet iron pipe and wrapped plastic gloves. Do not underestimate the simple closet like that, because usually the closet like it is more durable than cabinets made from soft board & MDF. For the mattress you should use a mattress of foam material instead of using a spring mattress.

5. Additional equipment
Just as well you always provide a wheeled plastic container under your bed to store clothing or blankets for emergency precaution, because the flood is always come very quickly.

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