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Potted plant, Practical Solutions to Beautify Tiny Houses

Potted plant, Practical Solutions to Beautify Tiny Houses

Limited space is not a reason to not be able to bring greenery in your home. On the patio, for example, plants in pots can be a solution to beautify your small house.

potted plantPot is practical and can modify them whenever you want. If you need a new atmosphere, you just need to rearrange the potted plants, either by hanging or be nested so that its presence is more alluring.

Fortunately, the current design of potted plants is very diverse and can be customized with interior and exterior of your home. Pot made from cement, clay, ceramics and others. In addition, plant species was no less varied to be selected.

To begin with, there are a few simple considerations before you choose your potted plants, namely:

– Consideration of the area

In the window of the house, for example, it can be enhanced by putting a few potted plants on the sides. Because the area is tiny, you also need a plant that is also tiny.

Plant flowers can be one alternative. Only, you are expected to be more diligent to cut it or move it to another pot to keep a neat appearance. If the area is still quite large, you can use other plant species, such as betel leaf or a fruit crop.

– Consideration of lifestyle

Select plants that suit your climate and lifestyle. If you are a frequent traveler and have high activity, you should choose tropical plants such as cactus. Plants of this type require little water. The shape is also diverse with beautiful colors to support the interior of the house.

Sansevieria plant species or the tongue-in-law could also be an option. These plants are also resistant in the conditions a little water. Crop such as tongue in law has a lot of fans and is often found in homes. In addition to easy-care, color sanseveria very attractive with pointy shape, making it suitable to decorate in a modern and minimalist style house

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