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Bamboo Implementation for Modern Building

Bamboo Implementation for Modern Building

BAMBOO in many countries has proven to be a traditional building materials and robust construction.

bamboo buildingIn addition admired for having elasticity and strength, bamboo is suitable for construction such as steel because of its shape resembling a pipe, bamboo flooring for green friendly environment.

But today many people who think bamboo is the material for the lower class and fallen far behind when compared to wood. This is because the advantage of bamboo is cheap and easily damaged if not handled properly. Whereas the present traditional material are frequently used by modern architecture with a variety of purposes, even in western culture today bamboo is very famous for its natural beauty.

Besides the quality of bamboo is appreciated because it has excellent mechanical fittings and bamboo is a new paradigm in the construction of natural light. The Origin Of bamboo is a herbaceous plant species that have a hollow stem and jointed, many types and provides many benefits in humans.

In its diversity, bamboo has about 91 generations and 1,000 species. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth so that a natural resource which is also the most rapidly renewable. Bamboo is also a useful crop for human survival, one of which is in the field of architecture and interior.

The use of bamboo in the field of architecture and interior existed from time immemorial, the use of bamboo as an architectural element used in walls, roofs and in building construction such as columns and beams.

Bamboo furniture can also be used as a powerful and beautiful as the nature of the bamboo itself is a structure that is lightweight and has incredible stability, bamboo can also be used as a structure. High strength, flexible and easy to make a construction with a curved shape, and can be used for lots of furniture products when natural resources are increasingly limited, the bamboo becomes an excellent alternative for the construction of contemporary buildings.

According to WWF data, most of the construction drain sector on resources. Among them, it takes 50 percent of natural resources and 40 percent of energy consumption. That requires a more environmentally friendly solutions and can reduce the cost of which is one of them with bamboo. Implementation of bamboo in modern architecture building is of interest to be discussed and processed for example, is of course “Wind Water Cafe,” in Vietnam is a cafe that uses bamboo as a building structure with a modern shape. Taiwan also has started using bamboo material to be implemented in modern buildings.

wind-water-cafeThe architect (ROWE) calls it a modern house of bamboo, this modern building using bamboo on the outside. According to the architect, the sunlight which is coming through the window, form a beautiful image that is created from the shadow of the bamboo. To use a modern interior bamboo for example on Gingerboy Restaurant in Melbourne, the ceiling using bamboo walls and a polished and impressive LED lights so starry-night-market illusion and the merger with Plexiglas chairs and tables are simple to make bamboo into a no less interesting material to be processed .

Addition of bamboo furniture with modern designs is also have been circulating in the market so why not start trying to process the bamboo and raise the rank of the Lower Class to Upper Class.

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