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Design of a Secure Fence Houses

Design of a Secure Fence Houses

The fence is one of the important elements of the house. With the fence, residents can feel a little safer, because there are parts that protect the house from the street outside. However, the problem is when we choose a house in residential location that does not provide fences to complement the home.

fenceLower middle-class housing generally does not include a fence in the component structure of the house. As a result, homeowners have to create a fence with a design to be undertaken in accordance with the shape of the house and the tastes of the homeowner. The impact is housing that looks untidy due to differences in the type and color of the fence that was installed by the residents. Unfortunately, if the style and proportions of the fence does not match the type of house is very disturbing sight.

The same thing happens also with the upper middle class home. Although the developers add a fence in the sales package, a fence made of material generally perfunctory. So in the future, homeowners have to replace the fence that better suit your needs. And the results made a lot of fence is disproportionate and not in accordance with the home design.

If you intend to install a fence at home, many factors you should consider prior to determine the design and type of fencing material to be used.

1. The Safety factor
The main consideration in making the security fence. Because of the high fence that can also reflect the psychological condition of the home owner, whether the security objective and sensitive to the surrounding.

If the security level of precedence, people tend to ignore both the proportion and harmony between the design aspects of the design of the house and the fence surrounding environment. Safety and aesthetic tendencies in the design of the fence is inversely proportional to two factors. The higher the safety factor of beauty and harmony are ignored factors fence.

minimalist-fenceIn fact, most of us might prefer a home without a fence, aka the home garden. In addition to feel more spacious, air flow and sunlight can also be optimized. However, this situation may only be enjoyed by a handful of people, because the cost of environmental protection may be much more expensive. As perceived by those who live in the cluster or residential complex.

Ideally the front fence height is about 1.5 meters or one third of the height of the facade one-story house. If safety factors into consideration so that the fence should be higher, try it through the fence that air and sunlight remain freely.

2. Customize the fence with the facade of the house
For those of you who are looking for inspiration for the design of the fence, the second factor to consider is certainly the aspect of harmony between the fence and look of the house. The eye-catching fence is the right proportion, with the design of the house.

That is, if your house Mediterranean using a similar fence, for example by exposing the brick arch which accompanied with a cream color, or maximize the utilization of natural stone and wood. Harmony can be obtained from the selection of a matching color, pattern or ornament of similar material. Do not get between the fence and the house seemed to fight for attention that they even lose the beauty, because of a collision.

3. Minimalist fence
The main principle of the minimalist home is play with the simple geometric shapes that form vertical and horizontal lines. Although simple, the game remained vertical and horizontal lines seem nice and not boring. Provided you know how and dare to make exploration.

Exploration, among others, can be done with the creation of visual texture. That is the impression of thick and thin, smooth flat, which arises because of the patterns made. Games are simple geometric shapes and matching with the shape and color of the house, resulting in a beautiful composition.

4. Fencing material and green architecture
Merchants or artisans fence generally provide material and design examples are limited. Simple consideration is that the price they can be affordable and the process quickly. Where as many building materials that are available all around us that allows for the creation.

The use of one type of material the planks of wood, brick and natural stone press which is designed with simple beauty it displays itself. Besides the use of ornamental plants to beautify the fence also can show that you are the people who care about green architecture.

The conclusion is a simple style fence with only one type of material is exposed, color choices, as well as awareness to create visual texture of rhythmic design is the key of the fence design is captivating. Good luck!

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