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Practical Trick How to build Tropical Houses

Practical Trick How to build Tropical Houses

Success of the design of a house if the design can meet the challenges of comfort, security, and savings. One of them is to adapt to the tropical climate.

Tropical houseComfort felt by humans when it has a thermal comfort, audio, and visual even on the day and night. Comfort perceived by the human body to the air temperature. This means that the room is occupied must have sufficient air is cool and not humid. Audio comfortable, the room in the house is not noisy, minimal noise that may interfere with the activity into the room.

Room in the house well lit during the day or night. For all can be presented with the help of technology. But there are consequences of using the aid which many use electric power, consequently there is no saving both natural resources and cost. Electric power can be used as artificial lighting at night, while the natural air presented by using special tricks, the physics building.

In addition to convenience, there are other factors which inhabit the security, safety from accidents due to design components that easily lead to injury. Use a rough floor surfaces so rough floor during rainy or wet.

Proper design will save the use of a power source using natural aeration and lighting at night and only use artificial lighting at night. Create designs that are making use of natural light and air. Perhaps, with the placement of solar cell, the electricity demand for artificial lighting in the house already answered.

teritisan sampleThere are practical ways as a guide are: use of natural ventilation so that fresh air can flow 24 hours, the ceiling is high enough, the room in the house to use cross-ventilation, the air around the air cleaner, use tritisan or canopy to prevent hot sun and rain, room quiet enough from the noise, use the plant as a sound buffer, minimizing the use of sound reflector wall, place the room the room is good enough to sources of noise, lots of natural light.

Fresh air is a matchless gift of God, so it will be very hurt when fresh air is not used. Open the window of the wall as wide as you can, allow fresh air to enter the home freely.

Overstack tritisan or mounted on the outer side of the openings (windows and doors) home. Tritisan helps deter rain water soaked walls and openings are also hot sunlight into the room. Tritisan is an extension of the roof along one meter from the surface of the outer walls.

Let the fresh air for 24 hours a day into the house. Not only during the day, but tonight was the fresh air can enter freely. Let the fresh air flowing in every room in the house and use the ventilation holes in each wall of the room. For that, let air flow through the room there, so as to create cross ventilation. Ceiling room can be quite high, so the room is full of air flowing.

The noise from outside the home can be appropriately reflected. Can use a reflector reflecting wall, but it would be better suited to the crop. Aside from being a reflective media, so the plant can produce O2 ambient air to cool. In addition to the space needs peace, this room also includes a semi-public and private zones.

With the temperature that is too high humidity, as well as high rainfall. Occupant thermal comfort level with the scorching sun, the heat is minimized but the light is utilized optimally. Similarly, the rain water flowed well and proper, but the temperature are fully utilized. Coolness is always sought after by residents.

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