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Oak Wood Flooring for Residential and Commercial Areas

Oak wood flooring is a popular choice in residential and in commercial areas. When buyers face the task of finding the most suitable flooring for their property, they suddenly discover that there are two types and a choice has to be made between the two. One is called solid oak flooring, while the second engineered oak flooring. The difference between the two is sometimes unclear and is the subject of this guideoak wood flooring.

Engineered oak flooring was introduced not too long ago as an alternative to solid. If solid oak flooring is made from complete wood, engineered as you can gather by the name is made form Oak together with three or four layers of supplementary materials such as Mdf, Plywood and Softwood (wood made of leafs). Each plank of engineered oak contain this combination with the top layer in all cases been the real oak layer. This construction ensured that when the planks are fitted, you would not be able to tell which type of oak flooring and engineered oak flooring was fitted.

This alternative construction was introduced to overcome some of the natural limitations that solid wood has. Natural wood will react to changes in temperature, which will damage the wood. For example, solid cannot be fitted over under-floor heating. On the other hand, engineered planks are suitable for fitting over under-floor heating and even suitable in areas that contain damp and humid conditions such as the bathroom, basement and conservatory.

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