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What Is Wide Planked Flooring And How To Choose Them?

What Is Wide Planked Flooring And How To Choose Them?

People who are looking for flooring options have many choices. Many homes have tiles but there is something so vintage and rustic about wood floorings that you just cannot say no to them. wood flooringThere are several options when you chose wood floors for you home and depending upon your style, area of living and budget, you can choose from a wide variety and type of wood. Floors take up the largest space in your home and that is why you should spend ample amount of time around the market to choose the right kind.

Now many people choose wide plank flooring. This means that these are unfinished and wide chunks of wooden planks which are 3 inches or more in breadth.  You can choose the width depending upon the area to cover. When you order for planking floors, you will get a tally sheet telling you all the details about the dimensions and size and thickness of the floors.  Depending upon the nature and durability quotient of the wood you choose, you can place it in any room you like. Talk to your carpenter about this or your constriction manager for better advice.

Light colored dark colored wooden floors are available even with borders and designs. They come in various options when it comes to choosing the type of wood as well. You can get the wood in natural color or in dyed shades-whichever you like better.

But make sure to laminate the floors of wood as you do need to keep in mind that natural materials tend to get destroyed more easily.

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