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10 ways to achieve a "paradise" in your home!

After congestion, tire noise, and tired of working all day in the middle of the city, it feels like there is no other thing more fun than staying at home. Open the window, sitting on the terrace, or relax in the comfortable living room at home as the panacea of the grueling routine of life in the Home sweet homecity. Open the window and breathe a sigh of relief that you already are at home now!

Living in a dynamic urban is indeed interesting and enriching themselves with the diverse insights, but also deplete your physical and psychological. In particular you find the room filled with a lot of things, noisy neighbors, or honked car and motorbike exhaust at any time.

Imagine the convenience of it all, life at home was indeed as “Heaven”. After you hear it from the window, how the Middle neighbor set to music loud, it seems the world will explode!

It is not easy to find the “paradise” that is in the middle of the city? In your own home, of course? Well, here are 10 ideas that can help you get back to the “paradise” that is in your home, in every corner of the space belongs to you and your family.

1. Quiet color palette

The amount of visual stimulation in the streets of the city can be a trigger for you to immediately return to the calm and of course your home. Colors on the walls of your home can create peace. Then, think shades of silvery-grey, blue, white, natural wood and white tones. In addition to soft green color or pink warm can also soothe your mind.

2. Window coverings

For the kitchen area and other spaces, places the privacy matters does not get much attention, you need to consider the use of Cafe curtains. You should cover the bottom of the window of this room which gives a sense of privacy, a sense that you most desire. However, let’s not forget, that doesn’t mean you close it tightly from the Sun’s light during the day.

Window blinds in the bedroom it is vital you pay attention to, especially if you’re having trouble sleeping just because a street lamp light or lights in pillars of electricity coming into your room all night. If the House’s neighbor position very close together, so you also might want to cover a large window covered with a curtain of meetings that can be drawn on during the day.

3. Sound evidence

Investment through hard efforts are certainly very valuable for your comfort at home, especially if you live in a densely populated neighborhood residents and very noisy. Efforts to capture comfort may be larger, like the acoustic tiles covered you add fabric to the wall or ceiling and a double window choose to block the sound coming into your living room or space. A thick coating of textiles, floor carpeting, drapes and heavy hairy actually help you.

As an alternative to tiles or acoustic walls, you can use the book as a collection of soundproof material. More and more books, the better the results will be. So, go ahead and fill an entire wall of your room with the book.

4. Living beings

Also bring potted plants or aquatic plants, trees in large pots, as well as cut flowers into your home. Challenge yourself and see if you can add a plant or a bouquet of flowers for every room in your home.

In addition to providing comfort, plants also absorb the noise from outside. What’s more, the plant houses for sale on the market today are increasingly varied.

In addition, if you have pets, treat it properly and make friends to make yourself feel more relaxed at home. Running around with your cat, play with your dog, or even watching fish swim in ponds and aquariums can be a great way to release stress.

5. Natural texture

Daily life in the city is likely to involve a lot of artificial materials, plastic and metal. Therefore, incorporating a range of texture and natural materials into the House will help you escape from boredom. You can try the wool, sisal or cotton rugs, a pile of wood, polished wooden tables, candle, or a collection of shells and stones as a variation of the boredom of everyday materials outside the home.

6. Furniture

The form of long and low furniture invites a sense of comfort to relax and relax. You can choose low couches, chairs and sofas, credenza, wood or bamboo. All of this furniture will give you peace, not just from the white sofas but also a simple color palette of wood at your desk, large vases with tree branches, as well as assorted color soft cushion in your head.

7. The Chair

Are there any other things that are sweeter on the lips sitting room window or balcony with a glass of hot tea while gazing at the view of the glittering city slipped at night before bed?

Thus, the present Chair that fits in a small window, at any corner in your home. Try to sit with plump pillows or placing a small coffee table, right in front of the window that leads to the street, fish ponds, or trees on the terrace of your House.

Home sweet home28. Retro Stuff

Rest of your life for a moment from the latest technology You can embrace the retro technology and bring it to your living room, like a telephone dial old times, or wall clock from the era when your grandparents was a teenager. Living with the high-tech all the time certainly exhausting and a way out that you can get from simple tech stuff or old furniture

9. The Garden

Whether you have a small backyard garden, patio, or balcony? This is where you can do anything that makes you can enhance privacy outside your home, but undisturbed outside world. Build a covered seating area with a trellis or fence, or surround your seat with high foliage, it is enough, no need to be spacious and luxurious area. After that, place a small fountain in the outdoors to help blocking the noise from neighbors or the highway, and add just the right lighting for ambiance at night.

10. Live free

Are there any other things that are sweet on the lips beside more window seating area or a balcony with a glass of hot tea while gazing at the sparkling city views.

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