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How to organize minimalist garden and vertical garden in your house

When you are going to buy a house in a residential, you would have been difficult to find a neat garden.

Usually, you have to organize from scratch to get the desired outcome park.

minimalist garden

minimalist garden

However you do not need to worry. Minimalist garden as shown in image, initially only the bare ground, but now the park is quite calm.

The keyword of all that is maximized, maximize hard and soft elements. Element in question is hard corals, paving, and pots. While the soft elements of any variety of the plant itself.

In the design, all the harsh elements processed quite interesting, such as paths toward the porch, white coral as an accent, and the pot as limiting land.

On the other hand, because the area of ​​the park looks quite petite, small trunked plant species and a small relay is suitable to be chosen. However, the garden looked so little heat.

In addition, in order to the grass does not seem so empty, in every large tree, on the side of the circumference should be planted with small plants which are colorful, with the way along the borders of the land surrounding the park.

Well, minimalist garden will be more beautiful if the treatment is done regularly.

Understanding Vertical Garden

Walls can be utilized to green house. Parks upright (vertical garden) is a method of planting garden vertically and attached to the interior or exterior walls of the house.

There are 4 systems commonly used in the manufacture of a vertical garden.

The First, using textile materials. How? with the hanging wall to the textile material. This material is not in the piece but it is designed to have lots of pockets to put the plant and its media.

vertical garden

vertical garden

Secondly is using PVC pipe. The trick of plants grown is directly on the pipe which has filled the planting medium. After that, the PVC pipe is hung on the shelves that have been compiled rise to the top.

Third is using the module HDPE (high density polyethylene). Basket-shaped module measuring 50cm x 50cm, 25cm thick, and has 16 rooms, each room serves as the planting hole. You just enter the planting medium that has been wrapped “blankets” geotextile into the planting hole. Then, hanging is the modules on the wall.

Fourth is using bricks. The trick, bricks arranged in such a way so as to form a container planting. This technique is less expensive than other techniques. Despite the low cost the technique less practical in its applications, therefore this technique requires some preparation work before construction stone.

For other types of plants which is commonly used in the vertical garden is the type that have shallow roots and do not spoil. Plants that meet these requirements are grasses and cover crops (groundcover). For example, elephant ears (Anthurium chrystalium), antlers (Platycerium bifurcatum), asparagus, lily paris (Chlorophytum comosum), purslane red (Alternanthera parony), chives mini (Carex morrowii), taro yarns (Singonium Podophyllum), Kadaka (Asplenium scolopendrium), etc.

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