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Tips to Make Earthquake Resistant Houses Plan

house earthquake resistant

house earthquake resistant

Make a plan for earthquake-resistant homes is the first step to creating buildings that withstand earthquake shocks as follows.

Function plan to facilitate the division of space according to the needs and daily activities. Through the plan, we can make measurable guidelines for the future development of space.

Not only that, the plan space that is symmetrical apart easier for you when you want to develop a space. Plan is also one of the basic things when they want to build earthquake resistant houses. In the symmetrical floor plan, we are more easily determining the points to the main frame of the building (the column). On a building, this is the main skeletons that serve as the support of the building when the quake. So if an earthquake shaking the building, the house did not immediately collapse.

Actually, quite simple to devise earthquake resistant houses, you just use a module system for the development of house plans.

earthquake resistant house design

earthquake resistant house design

For example like this, you can use a square module 1,2m x 1,2m size or multiples thereof. If you want to build a space with a multiple of the size of the module, then at least every point within 1.2m should be attached a column. In addition of course, in every corner of the wall of fields meetings should also be given column. The columns this is going to be major structural earthquake resistant houses.

Besides the issue of the use of modules, construction strength is also derived from the size of each of the columns. Of course the larger the size of the column, the stronger is also usual. Due to stronger, then the distance of each point can be farther column. On average in residences, buildings main construction point distance of about 3m. The more meetings and a lot of the columns is certainly getting better. But on the other hand may be more expensive the cost of the process.

earthquake house resistant

earthquake house resistant

In terms of building strength and safety of residents, the number of construction point is probably no nothing. Safety of life is more important than the price of making the column. So, from now on, try to consider this concept so that earthquake resistant houses. Good luck.

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