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Top Remodel Projects to Do in Fall 2016

Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

Top Remodel Projects to Do in Fall 2016

Top Remodel Projects to Do in Fall 2016

It’s that time of year again when we are just starting to be forced back indoors for months on end. If your home is not currently living up to your dreams, then this transition can be a difficult one to make. But these top five renovation ideas from Home Improvement Leads are the perfect way to get you excited about spending more time indoors during the colder months ahead.

Attic Bedroom

We could all use an extra bedroom when family comes to visit during the holidays. If you aren’t ready to take on the stress and expense of a full new addition, consider converting your attic into another bedroom. Not only will a remodel of this magnitude dramatically increase your property value, it will also make your home more marketable down the road if you decide to sell.

Window Replacements

Nothing is worse than having to bundle up in a parka and gloves in order to sit in front of your old, drafty windows to watch the autumn leaves fall. When worn out windows are replaced, you not only make your home more comfortable, you also have the potential to save hundreds of dollars every year on your energy bill. Plus, Remodeling found that homeowners recouped an average of 75 percent of their renovation budget in increased property value, making window replacements a smart renovation for your wallet and your well-being.

Insulation and Caulking

Insulating and caulking around your home isn’t exactly the remodel most people dream about, but finding ways to make your home as sealed off from the elements as possible can be far more beneficial than most people realize. Not only will added attic insulation and caulked cracks decrease your monthly expenses, but they will greatly decrease the amount of dust, moisture, allergens, and rodents that have the potential to infiltrate your home, too.

replacing your front door

replacing your front door


One of the least expensive renovation ideas that can have the biggest impact on the overall look of your home is remodeling your entryway. This could be as simple as replacing your front door or as extravagant as constructing an entire front porch. Either way, your return on investment will be significant and your home will feel more welcoming than ever.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Most people think that they’ll have to entirely gut their kitchen in order to be satisfied with it, but that isn’t usually the case. With a bit of paint, some new hardware, and updated appliances, your kitchen can feel like a chef’s dream—perfect for baking and cooking on long winter days.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s aesthetic or give your home investment a boost, these five remodel projects are going to serve you well for many years to come.

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