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3 Ways to Avoid Houses Flooding

Almost every year floods hit the capital city. Many areas that had not been affected by the floods now come to experience it. To avoid flooding, here are three ways to avoid house flooding.

There are 3 ways to avoid house flooding. Yes, “prevention is better than treating” the quote we often hear, especially when we are doing to prevent something.

3 Ways To Avoid Houses Flooding

3 Ways To Avoid Houses Flooding

One of them, to prevent flooding in Jakarta, Many ways is often done to avoid flooding at home. For example, building a house into a storied, but the way it does not have a positive effect, as a result your home was still able to be visited by the flood.

It is not a rainy season at the moment, but there is nothing wrong not to prevent it so that our homes will not flood.

  1. Make Biopori and Wells Infiltration

One of the causes of flooding is surface water that can not seep into the ground. To prevent flooding and overcome it, you can optimize open land in the home lawn. Choose the type of carport pavement or a hollow garden so that water can still, seep into the ground. In addition, make biopori and absorption wells to accelerate water absorption.

Biopori itself is a small hole made in the ground so that water does not stagnate on the surface. To make it available, tools are available on the market. Alan is shaped like a ground drill.

  1. Deteriorating the soil

The entry of water can be caused by lower house level of the road. The solution you can do is to land on the ground so that the level is the same or higher than the road. Another way you can create embankments that surround the borders of the home ban. For the carport area, the embankment can be made as a mound of vehicles will rise as it enters the current and backs down when it is on the home page.

  1. Raising the Floor

Raising the floor of the house can be the ultimate solution when the two previous solutions did not work. However, this option requires great cost and effort. When you raise the floor, there are many changes that must be made. May create new flooring, re-setting doors, and windows, demolition utility network under the floor, up to adjustment of floor height with garden,

Instead, consult with experienced experts because the implementation is almost the same as renovating a house, both in terms of time and cost.

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