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Note 6 Things Before Installing Wall sticker

Want to install wall sticker in home interior? Check the six things below first.

If you plan on doing a home makeover or you give “life” on a dull wall, then try installing wall sticker.

installing wall sticker

installing wall sticker

This is a sticker for wall that has diverse image and writing designs. For its application, not difficult. You simply stick it on the wall and see how wall stick can improve the interior appearance of Ada occupancy.

In addition to adding to the beauty of the interior, wall stickers are also useful to cover the holes or stains on the wall. Cool yes, this one decoration tool can cover the ugly area while making beautiful in the same time.

Now, if you’re planning on buying some wall stickers, take a look at the tips you already have for you. Here are 6 things to consider.

Consider its placement.

The first thing you need to think about is where you will put the wall sticker. Knowing that will guide you which type of wall sticker is best for the room. There are many designs of wall sticker but not all look good and proper for the wall.

Know the size of the room.

You have a large blank wall, you can paste a large wallsticker that can fill the entire space or small for just in some areas. Just make sure that the wallsticker does not look too small inside the room. As for the small space vertical, choose a high-form and slim wallstiker. If it’s horizontal, get a long and slim too.

Think about the mood you want.

Wallsticker has a big impact on the mood in your home. If you want a nice area, stick a colorful sticker. If you want to create a natural atmosphere, of course you can choose a sticker battles cherry or other souvenir containing natural elements.

Specify color.

You must have a wall sticker color that matches the room. Because the color of wall stickers can also have a big impact. There are so many colors that you can choose, but choose the appropriate color.

Make sure wall sticker is safe.

Wall sticker could be dangerous for children. Check whether the material from the sticker is made from a safe material. To do so, check the label whether it is VOC free, Phthalate free, lead-free and non-toxic.

Choose the right type of sticker.

Sticker types include self-adhesive transfer stickers, non-self-adhesive transfer stickers, removable stickers, and reusable stickers. Choose the type that best suits your needs

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