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Paint that Cracked and Peeling? This is the Solution!

In order to look beautiful again the wall, overcome the problem of cracking paint and peeling in this way!

There are many problems that appear on the paint that makes the home look not as expected.

In order to look home paint back charming, you can perform repainting.

However, before you have to overcome the damage that causes the paint is damaged first.

painting crack

painting crack

One of the most common problems experienced is cracked and peeling paint.


• Layers of paint that do not stick perfectly to the old wall plane due to impurities or easily peeling layer. Can also be caused by old paint that has been damaged and chalked. The result, the new paint come peeled off.

• Poor quality of new paint or incompatible with basic paint properties.

• Inadequate quality and application of base paint. Includes a false new application of paint or too much diluent, the diluted content of more than 20%.


• Check the condition of old paint to be repainted. Make sure the base paint is also still qualified. The surface of the wall should also be clean of dirt, dust. And dry.

• Use top quality paint and paint with good quality.


• Paint coatings that do not meet the standards and fragile. Clean the surface of dirt dust attached to the surface of the wall to be repainted.

• Perform repainting using top quality paint and wall paint.

Well, I hope the problem of cracked paint and peeling on your wall immediately resolved!

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