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5 Inexpensive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

How to achieve a green-haven bathroom without hurting your pocket? Wishing that it will turn out to be a stylish and comfortable, but you are having a problem with a tight budget? Here’s good news! There is no risk of emptying your wallet since there are a lot of ways to renovate and redesign with limited funds. Below, you’ll find five inexpensive ways to remodel your bathroom!

Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodel Your Bathroom

1. Plan your dream money-saving bathroom

First, take a look at your bathroom. Look at the size, colour, fixtures and style. Close your eyes; imagine your dream bathroom. Do you need to change everything? Or do you need to make a few modifications so that there will be a marvellous difference?

Second, seek expert advice when planning your dream bathroom. The reality is that you will have to spend money in renovating, but with the help of an expert, you can save a lot of cash since they can offer recommendations in getting better and more affordable deals with materials and services.

Hiring a designer saves you time and money in the long run, so you don’t make expensive errors.”- Meredith Merlow

Remodel Your Bathroom 2

Remodel Your Bathroom 2

2. Design It

Leash out the inner artist in you, and let your creativity run wild! If you’re having trouble coming up with designs, you can always search the internet or renovation magazines for design inspirations.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refresh – You don’t need to buy new ones
You don’t have to buy a new piece of unit. All you have to do is to apply these 4 R’s to achieve your money-saving bathroom haven.

Reduce: Lessen Your Tiles

To save money, you can lessen the amount of tiles and use cheaper variants as an alternative to expensive ones. Take note that there are high quality tiles that are very affordable. You can also use wood as an alternative; as it adds warmth and provide a comfortable vibe to your bathroom.

Reuse: Buy Second-hand Items

Used items cost less than new ones. You can purchase a variety of fixtures at a very low and reasonable price at online and offline shops. Just be sure to double check the quality.

Recycle: Search ideas and do it yourself

You can just recycle items to add a bit of personal design to your bathroom. For example: turn empty water bottles into hanging lamps. You can also turn these bottles into a product organizer or vase for your plants and flowers. Of course, there are other items that you can recycle; your imagination is your limitation.

Refresh: Upgrade a part, not the entire fixture

You can refurbish your toilet by changing the toilet seat and lid instead of changing the whole unit.

According to this research, toilets use 27% of the water consumed in your home more than any other appliances. Imagine? If you choose water-efficient toilets, you can save a lot from your utility bills.

Remodel Your Bathroom 3

Remodel Your Bathroom 3

4. Splash it up with Paint

Painting your bathroom is the most effective and cheapest way to give it a different look. Don’t underestimate the effects of what a colourful paint can make. In a few hours, your bathroom will already have a new aesthetic thanks to the new paint. Always have in mind to use a formulated paint for bathrooms so that it can withstand hot, humid temperature. Think twice before painting your bathroom walls with warm bold colours.

“There are certain colors that can elevate or lower your happiness. Soft shades of cool colors promote calmness and lower stress levels.” -Deepak Chopra

5. Be Creative, Accessorise!

Remodel Your Bathroom 4

Remodel Your Bathroom 4

Adding some creative decorations in your bathroom doesn’t have to be costly. You can add green plants and beautiful flowers to lighten up the mood. Solatube is also a great option for generated lighting. It is also an energy-efficient day lighting system; thus, helping you save energy while providing light for your home.

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