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See this! if you want to completely remove stains on Glass

Be careful, the content of ammonia on a glass cleaner can color fades on the glass!

The look of glass without smudging is a desirable thing every homeowner.

The appearance of stains on the glass is caused by many things. One of them is the stain from the water.

Minerals such as magnesium and calcium contained in water can stick in your glass. Typically, stains caused by this hard mineral are removed.

Other causes are moisture and SOAP. This often happens on a bathroom mirror. SOAP and toothpaste that may be the splash in the mirror will get stuck if exposed to moisture.

The more you delay to clean it, the stain will get stuck.

Although how to remove stains quite easily, the wrong-wrong glass you will be damaged.

It’s good you pay attention to the following points.

1. Main content of Glass Cleaner

Isopropyl alcohol is the substance most widely used the chemical in a mixture of glass cleaner.

This alcohol can dissolve minerals that are not too stuck to the glass.

In addition, the minerals will evaporate simultaneously with airing alcohol.

For optimal results, use the cleaner with substances isopropyl alcohol.

2. Ammonia Glass Cleaner

In the most glass cleaners contain ammonia in it. Ammonia is very powerful in destroying the minerals that are stuck to the glass.

In addition, the ammonia to form layers that can slow down the emergence of a new stain on the glass,

However, you should not use cleaners with ammonia on colored glass. Ammonia will fade color glass.

Completely remove stains on Glass

Completely remove stains on Glass

3. Glass cleaning tool

In the market, there are many glass cleaning tool. An example is sponges, windshield wipers, and cloth fiber. Each product has the function of each.

Fiber cloth serves to lift the dust on the glass so that it is not the case scratches. Fiber cloth used during the cleaning process.

Ingredients sponge function of cleaning SOAP or detergent spreading glass.

While the glass wiper to work for lifting the remaining SOAP after cleaning the glass. The tools are usually made of rubber is also not left traces in the glass.

Hopefully, you can remove stains on the glass completely!

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