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Tips on Creating Earthquake Resistant Houses Floor Plan

6.3 magnitude earthquakes on the Richter scale (SR) briefly shook Sukabumi on Monday (12/6/2017) at 06:15. She is the first step of creating buildings that withstand the shocks of earthquakes.

The function of the floor plan for easy sharing of space according to needs and daily activities, through the floor plan, we can make measurable guidelines for the development of space later.

Not only is it a symmetrical floor plan spaces, in addition to make it easier for you when you want to develop space.

The floor plan is also one of the basic things when looking to build earthquake resistant homes.

On the floor plan that is symmetric, we more easily determine which points to the main frame of the building (column).

In a building, it is this main-frames that serve as the underpinning of a building when the earthquake.

So if an earthquake shakes things up, the House was not immediately collapsed.

Actually quite simple to plan earthquake resistant homes, you simply use the system module for the development of the floor plan of the House.

For example, here’s the thing, you could use a square module size 1, 2mx1, 2 m or multiply.

If you want to build a space with multiple sizes of the module, then at least each point is 1, 2 m to be attached to a column.

In addition, of course, on each corner of the meeting between sides of the wall should also be given a column. The columns which will be the main structure earthquake resistant homes,

In addition to the issue of the use of the modules, power construction also comes from the size of each of the columns. Of course the larger the size of the column, then the stronger also usually.

Because it is more powerful, then the distance of any point in a column can further and further. The average at home, the distance to the main point of construction of buildings about 3 m.

Tips On Creating Earthquake Resistant Houses Floor Plan

Tips On Creating Earthquake Resistant Houses Floor Plan

The more columns and many meetings are certainly getting better. But on the other hand may be also more expensive fare.

In terms of the strength of the building and the safety of residents, the number of construction can be points so there is no “nothing”.

The salvation of the soul is more important than the price of making columns.

So, from now on, try to consider this concept in order to House earthquake proof. Good luck with the idea of lovers.

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