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This Is How to clean Dull and dirty Walls

Follow these 4 steps to restore the walls of the House are dirty and damaged so that returns are mesmerizing.

Heavy rainfall with high intensity potentially causes flooding. Any standing water receded slowly due to the height of a pool of more than 50 cm.

As a result, appear “trace” the remaining puddles of dirty waste and mixed waste.

Former stubborn dirt becomes difficult to overcome. Wipe with a damp cloth instead of making any wall into a dirty and make the added paint is broken.

Inevitably, the repair should be done thoroughly coat of paint. When the stain is stubborn overwrite your home walls, follow the 4 steps of painting Easter birthday this flood, so that the walls of your home look good again.

1. Clean and Dry the walls

Before painting, clean the surface of the wall dirty first. You can use high-pressure water or detergents to remove dust and stains. Then, do the lift up to the old chipped paint layers.

Once clean, make sure the surface of the wall has dried up completely. A drywall to make the new paint will be easy to stick to.

2. Priming Superimposed

Give it a coat of paint on the surface of the base of the walls will be repainted. This water base-based priming is able to reduce alkali attack on walls that have not been dried.

By reducing alkali attack, potential paint bubbled and peeling can be minimized. Priming is also making a new coat of paint adheres to more perfect.

3. Close the Crack Hair

If there is a crack in the wall of hair, you can use the basic form of paint or primed wall filler. Primed surface repair work to the walls and cover the cracked fine.

However, avoid the wearing of coating across the surface of the wall. Primed properties would be easily cracked when applied in the field.

This Is How to clean Dull and dirty Walls

This Is How to clean Dull and dirty Walls

4. Apply Paint stainless

Before doing a restart coating, cover the surface of the walls which have been coating with the priming for the second time. The second coating will make new paint sticks to more optimally.

To avoid the dirty wall back, you can coat the walls of your home with a stainless coat of paint.

In the market, there are two types of paints that you can use. First, the type of paint colors that have a content of latex as a deterrent to the pervasive coat of paint stains,

The second type of paint in the form of a transparent layer that keeps the old paint of stain is attached to.

To avoid the dirty walls, you can apply the painted stainless as high as 75-100 cm from the floor.

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