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When to DIY and When to Hire a Contractor

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diy or hire contractor

If you like the idea of using elbow grease to save money, tackling a home improvement project yourself can be rewarding and smart. With so much easily accessible information and so many inspiring tutorials, you can learn to complete almost any home renovation project with very little […]

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6 Design Riveting combinations of Red and White in the Bathroom

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If you want an exciting atmosphere in the bathroom, there’s nothing wrong combines stunning red and white colors. Combination of the two colors of the Indonesian flag in this bathroom could make the room look more appealing and attractive.


Yes, this 6 bathroom design with a combination of red and white […]

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If you are a lazy bath, maybe this is one way to motivate you to take a shower. By making aphorisms motivating, yes, use quotes wall sticker to decorate the bathroom.


The feel of a new home is already on the agenda. Indeed, it is undeniable residents need fresh atmosphere in occupancy and predictable, brings […]

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Open Rack arrangement Based on Feng Shui

Open Rack arrangement

Are all types of open shelves related to feng shui?

Reforming the open shelves need to consider several things. Such as an open shelf arrangement based feng shui expert. According to the following Feng Shui from New York, Ann Bingley Gallops, open shelves tend to have sharp corners. These sharp corners created a […]

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5 Stone for Garden Decoration

stone material

When the grass so the material Soft cape favorites to fill the “floor” of the park, the stone so the material “excellent” for its hardscape. Besides considered strong enough to represent a natural impression, natural stone is also considered strong and durable. In fact, there are several natural stones that are considered minimal […]

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