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10 ways to achieve a "paradise" in your home!

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After congestion, tire noise, and tired of working all day in the middle of the city, it feels like there is no other thing more fun than staying at home. Open the window, sitting on the terrace, or relax in the comfortable living room at home as the panacea of the […]

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Other elements regarding Fengsui

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Believe it or not, fengsui can bring balance and harmony in the house. Ranging from furniture to wall color, giving the influence of the movement of energy in your home.

In short, have an influence in fengsui energize or stability in your home.

The element color is the dominant influence fengsui. These color […]

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Make Your Home With Sanitized Conditions

Cleanliness is one of those imperative factors where every homes need to maintain to live in hygienic and sanitary environment. However, in crowded area and chaotic world, home cleaning can become a difficult task for a home owner to maintain their desired levels of hygiene homes, particularly after they face to hard day […]

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Garden Construction Planning

Creating the garden should not spent much time. If not carefully planned, will only create a bush and littering the landscape.

A park was created in order to bring the beauty. Whether or not a beautiful garden of the election determined soft scape and hard scape materials, color composition and shape, and overall harmony of design.

Some […]

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100Knobs and pulls for Green Kitchen like Cermaic knobs, clay and stone knobs.

Environment has become a matter of concern today. Due to globalization, industrialization and privatization of course, the world’s environment is standing on the verge of deterioration.Since it is said that charity begins at home,one can protect the environment by making his kitchen environment friendly. so how about hand painted or cermaic cabinet hardware it is […]

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