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Simple Way to Fix Leaking Pool

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Having a pool is fun. But when it leaked, too busy. It’s how to fix a leaky pool.
The presence of a pond makes the park not only more beautiful.

The pool water also helps to cool the air and refresh the atmosphere.

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Not to mention, the fish that swim […]

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In This House, All Space Facing the Garden

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Half of the land is intentionally maintained for the garden so that the rooms in the house gets light and natural air.

When Rony Paslah’s family decided to build a house, they entrusted it to architect Faizal Syamsalam.

Faizal then cultivates a land area of 17 m x 12 m. It makes space-efficient […]

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The Solution to Create Garden at Home

Avoid mistakes that often occur when creating a garden at home with the solution below.

Solution for garden

Living in a world of “modern” of the most demanding urban communities is moving quickly, Office work as well as mounting home, asking to be resolved. How to live a fast-paced, sometimes people do not pay attention to […]

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Tiny Gazebo in the Park Home

small gazebo

Gazebo does not have to exist in a large yard. The size is not large and its position in the front garden of the house.

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Easy ways Planting and Caring for Flower in Pot

Planting and Caring for Flower in Pot

Your garden is not wide enough to plant flowers? Do not be sad, because the pot was created to address the solution if you still want to ‘collect’ flowers.

With the pot, you can not just put flowers in the yard, but also on the terrace and inside the […]

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