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3 this material Can Repair Cracked Roof Deck, guaranteed Free Roof leaked!

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Concrete as a material of the roof deck is indeed powerful but by no means problem-free deck,

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The problem was not the most common roof is cracked. When it rains, roof leaks can occur.

To repair cracks on the roof deck, you can use waterproof materials.

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Styrofoam Columns for Your Home Design

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When you decide to plan your major home improvement project, usually it will include the addition of columns, that will face you with more than one option. Whether you are going to add columns on your home interior by adding an accent touch to a large room or entry way or […]

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How to Make DROP Ceiling

DROP Ceiling can make ceilings look more dynamic. In houses with minimalist design type, the drop Ceiling is made as a part of the structure of the house. This is intended to “hide” the curtain rail and vertical blinds, so that the view becomes more tidy room, and of course looks beautiful. The following guidelines […]

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Natural Design With Green Roof

Carport can be designed together with the park. Vines provide beautiful atmosphere in the facade of the house.

Carport design should not part from the concept of home architecture. One option that can be done is to make the design as if a part of the surrounding park.

An example of this is the carport, which uses […]

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Tips to Avoid Leak in The Roof

There are a few things that must be considered in making the roof to avoid leaks during the rainy season. Seneca Creek Home Improvement suggests these tips and tricks:

* Note the angle of the roof. This is important because with the proper slope will allow water to flow downward. Generally the slope of the roof […]

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