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Quick Tricks ... Just 15 Minutes to Clean Sofa

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The sofa in the living room you also need attention. So, there is no harm in providing a time at least once in a few months to clean the couch in your home.  For those of you who are busy, business cleaning is not necessary to make a worry. You […]

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Choosing comfortable sofa

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To create a comfortable home. Structuring the room and the selection of themes in each room is very important. Interior design will also build an aura of occupancy, because the existence of part design affects the aesthetic impression that glows in a house.

Not only that, the suitability and choice of elements […]

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Choosing the Right Sofa

Choosing a cursory sofa is easy job. However, not only the design and price that must be considered. There are a few things that also need to be considered.

1. Specify Size
Besides the size of the room, before buying the sofa also consider the weight and height. This is important if the sofa will be placed […]

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Sitting Position Determine Sofa Placement

Sitting up straight or leaning casually affect placement in a room couch. Consider this right, to sit more comfortably.

Many things need to be considered in arranging the room. Sofa placement was not random. Apparently sitting position and your habits affect its location in the room.

Traditionally styled sofa form the letter “L”. Structuring such average is […]

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