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This Is How to clean Dull and dirty Walls

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Follow these 4 steps to restore the walls of the House are dirty and damaged so that returns are mesmerizing.

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Heavy rainfall with high intensity potentially causes flooding. Any standing water receded slowly due to the height of a pool of more than 50 cm.

As a result, appear […]

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Paint that Cracked and Peeling? This is the Solution!

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In order to look beautiful again the wall, overcome the problem of cracking paint and peeling in this way!
There are many problems that appear on the paint that makes the home look not as expected.

In order to look home paint back charming, you can perform repainting.

However, before you have to overcome […]

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Natural Impression Through Wall Sticker

Create Shabby Chic’s Impression on Shelter Through Wall Sticker
The use of wall stickers produces one particular theme. One of them shabby chic. How to?
A staircase sometimes becomes a simple place to place a photo frame. But in this way, the spot on the ladder that you have can look more charming.

Natural Impression Through Wall […]

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Note 6 Things Before Installing Wall sticker

Want to install wall sticker in home interior? Check the six things below first.
If you plan on doing a home makeover or you give “life” on a dull wall, then try installing wall sticker.

installing wall sticker

This is a sticker for wall that has diverse image and writing designs. For its application, not difficult. You simply […]

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Know Wall Sticker Motif Suitable For Each Room At Home

Each room in the house has different functions. For that, it is important to know the motif of wall stickers like what fits with each room. Find out below.

Wall sticker motif

Find out which wall sticker motifs are suitable for indoor space. The reason, one of the functions of the wall sticker is to decorate […]

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