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12 Bedroom Design Inspirations with Purple Color for Girls

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Girl bedroom design that uses the concept of purple following inspiration so you can make the display space becomes more enjoyable.

kid bedroom decoration

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There comes a time to ask for your daughter made her own bedroom and of course you have to respect the decision by making […]

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Dynamic color in the bedroom

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Change the style of a conventional bedroom and try to exploring the elements in the room! Color and the accent is a major complement to your bedroom to become more dynamic as well as beautiful.

If you have a house in a long time, it is worth considering again the other spatial. […]

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Bedroom, relaxation room

If the building is ready physically, the next target is the room. Bedroom space requires special preparation. Because in this place you can rest.

Discussion of the various beds has been discussed in previous topic. However, the overall bed space remains a discussion which is still in demand. Because the bedroom is the primary space in […]

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