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Design your own garden part 2

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Set the position of the garden

Talk about the types of flowers, the most frequently hunt is the Singapore Soka and Cambodia. In addition to be used as the cover of the nice garden, growing flowers is also not too high (maximum 30 cm). This is different with the high local class.

There […]

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Design your own garden part 1

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The small garden can make a house look more beautiful and classy, if you know the tricks.

Create your own garden at home is not easy. Therefore, many people who entrust the construction of gardens on expert on landscape. However, if you would like to be creative and willing to spare time […]

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How to make a park and garden

In creating a garden, there are some things to consider in order to create a garden that looks beautiful and orderly. Here are some things to consider when you will create a park and garden.

Specify Theme Parks
Before determining the type of plants that will be purchased, you must determine the overall theme parks. The theme […]

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Garden Construction Planning

Creating the garden should not spent much time. If not carefully planned, will only create a bush and littering the landscape.

A park was created in order to bring the beauty. Whether or not a beautiful garden of the election determined soft scape and hard scape materials, color composition and shape, and overall harmony of design.

Some […]

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