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home appliance 500Paris link home was created to give useful information that people have regarding home improvement project, property and real estate project. We know that with every job a certain level of skill and patience is required. While we can’t give you the patience, we certainly hope that our tips will give you the needed skill to get you started and complete your own in home project and also DIY project. Home repair and maintenance is just a part of owning a home, and with that comes the purchase of tools to get the job done. We provide you with the latest reviews on home improvement tools as well as sharing current deals and specials on power tools. We hope that you are always visit us any time to get the next best things to cover in an upcoming article and get the job done for any given project

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About Memory Foam Mattresses

memoryfoammattressThe official definition of the substance known as memory foam is as a “temperature sensitive visco-elastic material”. This means that a memory foam construct, when at room temperature, will mould itself around any object of relevant weight that rests on top of it.

In the context of a memory foam mattress, that means that when you lie down the memory foam will mould itself around your body, allowing you to sink gently into it. A regular mattress is not able to do this, which means that certain areas of your body are exerting more pressure on the mattress, which can cause aches and pains in the morning. With memory foam, your weight is distributed perfectly evenly across your entire body, meaning more comfort and less chance of physical distress. It is called “memory” foam because even after removing the object and the pressure, the mattress will retain your shape for a little while.

The memory forming foam automatically adjusts itself not only to your shape but also to your weight. By distributing your weight evenly across the entirety of the mattress, you will get a much more comfortable night’s sleep. In particular, if you find that you or a partner fidgets a lot during the night, having to shift position often in order to get comfortable, a memory foam mattress, or mattress topper memory foam will help you stay comfortable for longer. There are a variety of different brands that produce memory foam products, and there are also different densities and quality of the product itself. The most expensive and “best” memory foam mattresses are often referred to as “premium grade”.

Memory foam mattresses are particularly recommended for those who suffer aches and pains, in particular back ache. However, you don’t need to have a medical problem to enjoy the comfortable benefits of memory foam – you will almost certainly get a better and more comfortable night’s sleep with one.

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Here are 5 Bathroom Ideas Transparent with Shower

If you are planning to make a bathroom with shower. So here we provide some bathroom shower model quoted from the site of amazing interior design.

bathroom shower

bathroom shower

The shower has two panels and its position remains in the corner of your bathroom. This panel has other interesting features. The feature is they can be opened halfway.

bathroom shower 2

bathroom shower 2

This shower also has two doors and the location was cornered. What distinguishes it from the previous image is the door slicked with white and green frames on the bathroom wall. Continue reading Here are 5 Bathroom Ideas Transparent with Shower

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How to Know You’ve Got a Qualified Contractor For Your Remodel Project

hire contractor

hire contractor

Kaitlin Krull

When it comes to remodeling your home, choosing the right contractor for your job is just as important as deciding on a blueprint or color scheme. While most contractors play by the rules and have the appropriate licenses and qualifications, there are a few out there who don’t. If you’re researching home improvement contractors and want to know whether or not yours is qualified, we at Home Improvement Leads have a few tips to help you out. Read on to find out if you’ve got a qualified contractor for your home remodeling project.


One of the easiest ways to find out whether a contractor is qualified is by asking to see licensing and qualification paperwork. Check with national, state, and local building departments as well as the Consumer Protection Agency to see what is required of contractors where you live. After you’ve researched your area’s qualifications, cross reference your contractor’s paperwork with the standards and make sure everything adds up. It is vital that you ask contractors to provide you with these documents before they begin any work so you know that they are legitimate. Finally, check that all qualifications and licenses are up to date: outdated qualifications are just as bad as no qualifications at all, since rules and regulations in contracting change so frequently.

Continue reading How to Know You’ve Got a Qualified Contractor For Your Remodel Project

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Top Remodel Projects to Do in Fall 2016

Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

Top Remodel Projects to Do in Fall 2016

Top Remodel Projects to Do in Fall 2016

It’s that time of year again when we are just starting to be forced back indoors for months on end. If your home is not currently living up to your dreams, then this transition can be a difficult one to make. But these top five renovation ideas from Home Improvement Leads are the perfect way to get you excited about spending more time indoors during the colder months ahead.

Attic Bedroom

We could all use an extra bedroom when family comes to visit during the holidays. If you aren’t ready to take on the stress and expense of a full new addition, consider converting your attic into another bedroom. Not only will a remodel of this magnitude dramatically increase your property value, it will also make your home more marketable down the road if you decide to sell.

Window Replacements

Nothing is worse than having to bundle up in a parka and gloves in order to sit in front of your old, drafty windows to watch the autumn leaves fall. When worn out windows are replaced, you not only make your home more comfortable, you also have the potential to save hundreds of dollars every year on your energy bill. Plus, Remodeling found that homeowners recouped an average of 75 percent of their renovation budget in increased property value, making window replacements a smart renovation for your wallet and your well-being.

Insulation and Caulking

Insulating and caulking around your home isn’t exactly the remodel most people dream about, but finding ways to make your home as sealed off from the elements as possible can be far more beneficial than most people realize. Not only will added attic insulation and caulked cracks decrease your monthly expenses, but they will greatly decrease the amount of dust, moisture, allergens, and rodents that have the potential to infiltrate your home, too.

replacing your front door

replacing your front door


One of the least expensive renovation ideas that can have the biggest impact on the overall look of your home is remodeling your entryway. This could be as simple as replacing your front door or as extravagant as constructing an entire front porch. Either way, your return on investment will be significant and your home will feel more welcoming than ever.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Most people think that they’ll have to entirely gut their kitchen in order to be satisfied with it, but that isn’t usually the case. With a bit of paint, some new hardware, and updated appliances, your kitchen can feel like a chef’s dream—perfect for baking and cooking on long winter days.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s aesthetic or give your home investment a boost, these five remodel projects are going to serve you well for many years to come.

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When to DIY and When to Hire a Contractor

diy or hire contractor

diy or hire contractor

If you like the idea of using elbow grease to save money, tackling a home improvement project yourself can be rewarding and smart. With so much easily accessible information and so many inspiring tutorials, you can learn to complete almost any home renovation project with very little effort.

But some projects require enhanced skills, technical knowledge, and years of experience. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself, your family, and your property at risk. Home Improvement Leads helps you figure out when to draw the line and hire a professional—and when to go for it yourself.

Consider the Danger to Yourself or Others

Some tasks are fun to figure out on your own, like putting together a puzzle. If you’re patient, you can gain a lifelong skill that will come in handy time and time again. But some projects are too risky for that kind of experimentation. Electrical work can be dangerous if you mess up even the most minute details, as can working with an appliance that uses natural gas. Roofing projects are iffy for obvious reasons. Some money-savings tactics simply aren’t worth putting yourself or others at physical risk.

Don’t Do the Opposite of Home Improvement

Part of the joy of doing DIY—in fact, most of the joy—is keeping money in your pocket. If you possess the requisite skills, hiring a contractor may be unnecessary for most projects. But you can have years and years of home improvement experience and still be unprepared to handle certain projects, and the inexperience can cost you big bucks. When it comes to knocking down walls or plumbing projects, the potential damage could cost so much more than hiring a contractor in the first place. Choose wisely and get advice. Costly mistakes aren’t worth it!

Don’t Over-Commit Your Time

Possessing the experience and skills is one thing. Finding the time to actually put them to use is another. If you have a busy schedule and your busy-ness is part of what helps you earn income, DIY-ing can be counterproductive. It can also lead to leaving a project unfinished for weeks or months, which is not a comfortable way to live and probably won’t make the other people under your roof very happy.

Rely on Common Sense

hire contractor

hire contractor

You can research to your heart’s content, but only you have a good idea of you skill level, your aptitude for picking up new skills, and the time you can actually commit to a DIY project. Let your instincts and advice from others guide you. Sometimes it feels better to hire a contractor and spend the money if you’ve looked into DIYing and found it’s not a viable option.






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This is Donald Trump's Childhood Home



A house in Queens, New York City, United States, is listed on a birth certificate Donald Trump.

Built by Fred Trump, Donald’s father, occupancy with bricks and cement is located in Jamaica Estates.

In the 1960s and 1970s were marked by intolerance and racism, this area is filled by the traditional rich people. Trump young stay in the property until he was four years old.

“This is a wonderful neighborhood, nice, quiet, no crime, and is maintained,” said the owner, Isaac.

The house is fitted with carved fireplace, large windowed room, wood-paneled library, a two-car detached garage and driveway for five cars.

Most importantly, this Tudor-style house has five bedrooms. Today, the house is still in times of public sale.

Paramount Realty USA shortly cancel the auction or a few days before the third debate of the Republican presidential candidate with his rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Possible bidders should give more time to evaluate the property.

Restaurant entrepreneur Isaac and Claudia Kestenberg, who owns the property is currently undergoing a divorce.

They market the house in July worth 1.65 million US dollars. Demand for homes is starting from 782 500 US dollars in 2008.

The numbers are down from the price offered by the owner of 1,399 million US dollars. Currently, Paramount suggest starting bid of 849,000 US dollars.

“The market has changed a lot since we bought the property. We will let buyers bid the price they want, and tell us what the price is worth it,” said the couple.

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