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Practical Treatment for Park and Garden

1314108pHaving a garden is not enough to just planted. Periodic maintenance needs to be done, in order to stay awake appearance.

Many people want to have a beautiful garden without the hassle always caring. This is of course impossible to be realized. Has lush gardens and beautiful, not just by selecting and planted it. To do good treatment, so the park is always clean and tidy. Although lush and green, if messy, unsightly garden, too.

To take care the park is difficult and time consuming.  Treatment can be done once a week. It is not too much energy, especially if the park was extensive. Lightest treatment activities, is sufficient watering as needed. Once a week, try cutting the grass and trim existing plants.

Trimming grass

Green grass can make the garden look beautiful. Not so if, the grass had been raised and filled with weeds. To avoid this, do the trimming on a regular basis, at least two weeks. Not too short cut it, reserving about one-third part. Immediately pull the weeds, if you look began to grow. The reason is very annoying weeds grass growth.

Tidy plants

Many ways to keep plants neat. Especially for plants (shrubs), needs to be trimmed regularly to maintain its shape. For other flowers, do pruning immediately after rising flower. Be – careful, not to be trimmed flowers.


Flushing process could not arbitrary. Each plant was needed moisture, but that does not mean we have to do watering every day. Indonesia is a tropical country with high rainfall, this condition allows us to do less frequent watering. Flush the plants only when needed. How to find out is by using the earnings of media attention, if it begins to dry, which means it’s time to be watering.

Please note also the nature of the plant. There are types of certain plants require little water, such as the cactus. Conversely, there are also plants that require lots of water, in order to flourish. Do watering in accordance with these properties. Too much water as dangerous as lack of water, can lead to wither and die

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