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Remove Crayon Stains From Carpet

crayon stainsCrayons and carpets are an ugly combination in a home when there are children at play. Once a carpet is stained with crayon, it can be a mess getting it out. So where to start?

The first thing you will want to do is remove any excess crayon that is still left by using either your fingernail, or a knife with a dull blade.

WD-40 which is used as a car lubricant is also useful for removing stains of various kinds, so we will begin by adding a moderate amount to the stained area.

Allow this to sit in for at least 4-5 minutes. If the carpet has short fibers, then begin scrubbing the area with a bristle brush heavily.

A buildup will occur from the repeated scrubbing, so have a towel or some paper towels to clean up the excess.

Get a bucket and add a small amount of dish liquid soap to it. Apply the mixture with a rag or sponge to the area and scrub.

Again wipe the excess of foam built up over the area with a dry napkin or towel.

Examine how much of the stain has been eliminated. If it looks fine then you are ready to get a damp sponge or wet rag using water to blot the area until most of the spray and dirt are out.

If the area continues to look like it needs more scrubbing then repeat the process with WD-40 until the crayon stain has been removed.

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