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3 Component Formation of Roof

1133065pRoof-forming components have respective roles to keep the roof strong and maximum.

The roof is an important factor in a house, after the foundation. He became an umbrella around the house, when the weather rain or sun is stinging.

Every part of the roof has an important role. If one of these components is interrupted then the roof could function problematic. For example can leak when it rains, or the worst: collapse.

Here’s Our three main components in the roof, ie:

Roof Structure – Part one of this vital function. The function is to resist the roof structure or the load from the roof drains, leading to the foundation, which is then transmitted to the ground. On the roof structure, divided into two parts, namely the roof frame and roof truss support. Each share responsibility to keep the load evenly.

The roof cover – This component is the most visually interesting and texture. There are many types of roof cover, ranging from roof tiles made from clay that, then there is a roof cement (asbestos) fiber roof, polycarbonate, metal roof, to bitumen (asphalt roof). Each has advantages. From the technology side, roof tiles and asbestos far behind compared to polycarbonate, metal roof, or bitumen.

Complement roof – Hearing the word complement, which you might imagine complementary materials. Exactly. In addition to the above-mentioned structure, there are also materials such as gutters or any list absolutely no. She works double, the structural and aesthetic. Suppose the gutter, he was to directing the water to fall into a particular land area

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