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Window Replacement Parts

window replacement partsIs there any real advantage to restoring a house and keeping the same windows? Many home owners who start a home remodeling project may have the thought in mind about historical accuracy, or simply saving money. If this is the case with you, finding window replacement parts to replace only the parts of the window that may be broken can save you time and money.

In most cases finding the replacement part for a particular window is just as much work as doing the physical labor of replacing the part. What are some of the main parts of windows that may need to be replaced over time?

One often replaced window replacement part is the window sash. The window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass in place. Next you have what is called the window runner. Window Runners hold the window sash in place and allow the window to open or move up and down. This is done with the help of balance or rollers. These parts mentioned above work together as a support system to make sure that your windows work properly.

The two most commonly replaced parts, other than the window glass itself are the window balances and the rollers. Over time these parts just wear out, as a result the window will not open properly. There are several different kinds of balances, these consist of spiral, coil, and channel window balances.

Next are the rollers. Rollers are used for slider type windows and are often top on the list of window replacement parts and are found on windows that slide back and forth as apposed to up and down. You can find window replacement rollers in nylon, steel and brass.

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