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Bathroom Remodeling Tricks (2)

1449243pMain Color Effect
Spray for a long time to make the peeling paint on the walls. To avoid this, re-paint polish the bathroom wall with a water-based. Unless good air circulation, the other option is that oil paint is more robust though often exposed to water.  Once again, note the implementation, and should circulation of air is good.

The choice of paint color for bathroom walls with a combination of young and old ash, there are white accents that the bathroom did not look fast too dirty.

Games color lights also legitimate applied, “for example select the lights that shine there tends to yellow to light and dark shades.” Or on the ceiling, choose a darker color than the color of the walls, “In order to look taller.”

Place of Relaxation
If the bathroom is used still using the bath, we had a trick to make it more practical comfortable.  We usually make less than the size of the tub 2 buckets of water, with depth, easily accessible, approximately 30 x 50 x 30 cm only.

The reason, the tub can be filled with hot water when the wearer takes a hot bath, and when it would not waste drained of energy and cost. As for raw materials, we recommend using marble or painted using a special paint that look better.

If you want to add the relaxation function in the bathroom, look at the bathroom area.  If it small space, add a seating area in the shower area. If it large enough bathroom can add a tub or a Jacuzzi.  If you want the bathroom look more spacious and has a wet and dry areas, the trick is to use clear glass.

Change tactics Closet
Renovate bathroom is not as easy as renovating the living room or bedroom. Because the structure of pipes and electricity can not casually changed, it’s easier to replace the toilet if the bathroom was on the floor 1 or direct contact with the ground.

The position of the toilet can easily be moved arbitrarily owner.  Another case, if the toilet was on the floor 2 or higher. This is more difficult because the position of the hole has been determined at a certain point.

So, when there are plans to move, have to really pay attention create new hole and long hole closure.  Because, it would be very risky and the influence of leaks on the space underneath.

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