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Collectable Figurines for the Home

Lladro Summer Roses_mOften when it comes to designing or redecorating a home, it is the small details that count. Choosing a wallpaper or paint color is relatively easy, yet for a long lasting style, decorative pieces must be well thought out and cleverly positioned around the room. Figurines and ornaments are particularly good at adding a touch of elegance to most living room or dining areas.

Whether its Lladro, Coalport or Royal Worcester you have your eyes on there are numerous collectable figurines available today that can add a great deal of style of warmth to any room. Increasingly popular in recent years, figurines can add a classic feel to a room, and are now making their way from protected glass cabinets to pride of place in many rooms around the world.

Usually made of china, figurines can depict a wide range of different occassions and settings, usually featuring a female form or angelic child. Because of this, they will often be something that draws the eye and adds character to the room. As these decorative items are often hand painted by a skilled craftman they may often come with a price tag to reflect the work gone into the piece. This is not to say bargains can not be found online or at auction, which is a good place to start a collection.

The china figurines available from Compton and Woodhouse are a close representation of the pieces commonly found online, with the major manufacturers all featuring on the site. For newer collectors, the site also has lower priced pieces to get you going.

So if you are looking to be a little different from your neighbours, why not start a figurines collection to brighten up your home? These items are a fantastic long term investment for any home owner.

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