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The Easiest Way to Make Over The Room

08Want to change the rooms (make over) without a large cost? The answer, it can do! The way is by using only the old stuff in the house.

Daniel, the architect of Paris Link Home suggest, old stuff that is raised with a different view. For example, rice steamer that is not used, can be a nice accent in the living room as a potted plant alive.

He also exemplifies the use of window curtains, which has been coated only use the curtains VITRAGE, and completed the tracks. In fact, according to Him, the curtains can be replaced with a scarf or cloth antique grandmother gift, to be curtains.

“No need to use the tracks again, replace it with wood. The Room is guaranteed to be different with this curtain sweeteners. The walls is smooth and fitted with original paintings, would be seen alive and lively. Or, put tablecloths and carpets unique picture on the wall,” said Daniel while mentioning the addition of light elements can point to warm the atmosphere.

Old Goods rotation
Daniel is reminded, there are still many people trapped during a make over, meant to dismantle a lot of space. In fact, he added, it is not necessary. Only the exchange of goods such as pillows, chairs, or any other course, the house looks different.

“Everything in the house is located just stay rotated. For example, who is in the bedroom, moved into the living room, or vice versa. It can also add items that has been long stored only in warehouses. I am sure, the house would be another change. “

Sometimes, remodel a room will make the function room is different, too. For example,  the bedroom is small, it can still be added one seat. In addition to rest, increase the function room into the den. Especially if the added lights and a small table to put the reading books, the room would have been more sweet.

In addition to changing the atmosphere, said Daniel, make over was done because of the needs of the residents has changed. “The original does not need a work space, so needed because there are activities that need to be supported this space. If there’s no more room, simply place a table and chairs in the bedroom, so that once a small study,” Daniel advice.

In fact, Daniel added, modified toilets can also be a reading room, by putting a wide variety of books in one corner. In essence, there is no need to add tremendous cost to make over the house. Simply dig up the creativity, and drive around. “Just as wearing clothes, make over the house also need business mix and match to get a new and different atmosphere.”

Architect who live in this area also claim Jatibening diligently rotate items in the house, a vast land area of 150 m and 60 m house, once every 6 months so as not to get bored.

And one more thing, he added, do not forget to add accent plants live in the house. “Plants can provide dramatic, spacious and broad impression. Moreover, if one corner of the plants were exposed to light which deliberately placed next to him, would have a dramatic effect comes from the shadow of their leaves,” added Daniel.

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