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Change Floor Drain

123There are many causes of the bathroom floor drain can be damaged. Floor drain from plastic can be damage by rat bite or hit by something hard. Floor drain that made by metal is usually damaged by rust.

Floor drain damaged causes many problems. The smell of bathroom  is not good and drains become clogged. Before the damage it caused many problems, you have to immediately replace the floor drain. It’s easy. You can do it by yourselves.

Tools and materials:

– Floor drain
– Sand 1 kg
– Cement 1 kg
– Spoon mortar
– pail mixture
– Chisel and hammer
– Gloves

Processing steps:

1. Pack up the old floor drain using a chisel and hammer. Clean the area of the scar. At the time of unpacking, make sure there is no add material that goes into the sinkhole. Then stopper the top of the drain with the paper.

2. Start-sand mortar sufficiently. Using a spoon of cement, mortar stick to the lips around the drain hole.

3. Take the bowl floor drain and add to the bottom of the sinkhole. Press and glue it to the mortar. Previously, first remove the barrier paper material.

4. Cover floor drain edges with mortar. Trim. As half-dry cement, sprinkle dry cement over it. Wait until the cement dry completely.

5. Replace the filter, and a new floor drain is installed.

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