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Choosing The Color of Your Room

warnaruangA the owner, we want to color the house according to our taste. The colors we use may represent a personal character. Although it is not directly, but with a certain color can cause a positive psychological effect.

Did you know however, among the thousands of colors, only a few that make good homes. Generally divided into five groups. namely the brown, green, terracotta, blue, and purple. Each group has the energy, sense of hope, synergy, memory and unique ways.

If the nature or natural theme, color can be selected cool temperature type (soft colors). Or too warm colors (color clear) is impressive energetic or excited. For the modern room, plain colors and white tend to be very precise.
Once applied, the color of the space it can not be used forever. Exceeding 28 months or three years we have repainted or change color. Period is considered optimal. If more than it looks worn display space. Residents can be bored, but after changing the color, the mood could change. More dynamic impression can be obtained.

So what color is then able to choose? That’s according current environment. If you need a dynamic and active effects, choose bright colors. If you want to reduce stress levels, use soft colors.

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