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Styrofoam Columns for Your Home Design

styrofoamWhen you decide to plan your major home improvement project, usually it will include the addition of columns, that will face you with more than one option. Whether you are going to add columns on your home interior by adding an accent touch to a large room or entry way or on the home exterior, you are not necessary to use heavy concrete precast columns.

Nowadays, the architectural foam products available for home use that come with great and realistic looking. The home owner who are going to use them when building their new homes and home improvement professionals are incorporating them into their designs for existing homes. You can buy columns, moldings, trim molding, and any kind of items for your project of home improvement.

The good news about this type of products is that it is easy to install. The builder no longer have to worry about wooden decorative items or maneuvering heavy concrete. This is most important when it comes to columns that are major structural add on, especially on home exterior. Usually it was necessary to use a crane to put this item in place and anchoring them for consideration in stability that required significant.

Precast columns were certainly durable for along time but usually they often become pitted over time and require significant regular maintenance. It must be painted and cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance. Wooden columns are seriously susceptible to water damage and moisture. Caulk and exterior paint only offers protection to wood that remains exposed to the elements.

On the other hand, Styrofoam columns are require little upkeep and extremely durable. The amount that will spent on installation and maintenance with Styrofoam columns is more less than that required with precast columns.

On the interior of home, usually we are using precast columns but they are not very popular option for the average home. We have to spent extra cost and problematic to install them. But another solution for this problem is using Styrofoam columns. The reason of using this is simple to install inside. The problems with anchoring heavy columns to ceilings, interior walls, and floors not exist anymore with the lighter weight Styrofoam products. The homeowner can feel more confident that once they are in place, they are there to stay on their home.

Transitional The style of transitional architecture, with open entrance ways and high ceilings lends itself well using of moldings, columns, and decorative additions. The homeowner usually have desire to separate an open area visually by adding columns. Moldings enhance the look of every room and are most often added after the homeowner has lived in their home for a while.

By adding Styrofoam columns to a home, when it has done properly as expected, will enhance value to most homes. Nowadays in the economic recession time, putting money and time into the remodeling and construction of your home is an great investment. Anything you do to maintain and improve your home will give you benefit in increased value when things begin to stable and moving forward. When you are going to plan your next home improvement project, you have to consider adding architectural Styrofoam products to your home design.

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