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Create Modern Interior Style

interiorPerhaps, you are thinking to change the interior style of your home or simply change the style of a room? If so, this could be when you are busy looking for ideas or inspiration to be applied to the interior of your home. Choosing a style or a style guide is highly recommended when planning the interior layout.

To get well design of the interior layout, so many elements involved. If one element with other elements that do not support each other, the expected outcome will not achieved. Conversely, if you follow a style guide, every element involved in the room on each other, so that the room has a strong aesthetic impression.

In the interiors area, there are many styles that you can follow, modern style currently in great demand by people in the world and also increasingly in demand by the people in our country, especially among the younger generation.

wallModern interior style began to develop around the 1920s, along with the development of modern architectural styles. Modern interior style is very different from the previous style which dominated all ornaments and decorations. In the modern style, all designed according to function. That is why all forms of decoration and ornamentation that has no real function “eliminated”. Until now, modern style is still growing, such as a modern ethnic style.

Modern interior style is relatively easy to apply. This style displays the impression that all organized and all “clean”. That is, not many knick-knacks and decorative ornaments on the elements of space.

Practical and Functional
If you are young or young-spirited, like all things practical, functional, and completely organized, modern style may be appropriate to be applied to the interior of your home.

There are several “key words” that can be applied to a modern interior style.
White. Use a clean white color to the ceiling, floors, and walls. As far as possible avoid the use of railings or write gypsum / wood on the walls, especially with relief.

Splash color. Strong colors and bold like red, yellow, blue, can be applied through the furniture and interior accessories. Color is part of a strong but still did not dominate.

Synthetic materials, glass, metal, and leather. Choose furniture made from these materials. For example, shaped leather sofa kubikal, table and chairs glass box made of wood with organic designs. Avoid the use of natural fabrics for upholstery (furniture upholstery).

Window and the curtains are completely innocent. Window frames should be designed with the form as simple as possible (without profiles) and exposing the glass in a wide area. Avoid curtains with intricate ruffles, but just use a white curtain hanging off the hanger system of a simple ring (eyelet curtain). Curtains that can be rolled up and down (roman-blind) is also a good choice.

Abstract motifs. When choosing a painting, carpet, or a pillowcase, remain at an abstract point. Select plaid, circles, and other simple geometric patterns with bold colors.
Storage. Closet, dresser, or other storage made possible embedded in the walls (built-in) and stay on the line kubikal strong. Avoid the profile, relief, and the effects of rustic (rough surface) are often found in the storage closet.

Clean lines. Maybe this is the “magic” key to achieving a modern interior style. Before buying accessories interior, you should consider whether an element of the interior has simple lines (clean lines) or not. Complementary elements such as ornamental plants also need to consider carefully. Choose the palm trees, cactus, or plants with a strong structural lines. Avoid a bouquet of flowers in a basket or vase decorated in a conventional style.

Enter Your Personality
Do not hesitate to add elements that characterize your personality. Picture yourself and your family, for example, could be incorporated into a modern-style interior, provided an abstract style created with bright shades. Picture frames display with plain or no frame at all.
Some accessories interior (probably a family inheritance) such as flower vases, picture frames, and plates that do not have displays clean lines, you can still show. For example, the shaped corner cabinet glass box. But keep a “clean” in this modern style remains the theme of your interior, namely the selection of shapes and materials carefully.

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