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Bedroom, relaxation room

relax bedroomIf the building is ready physically, the next target is the room. Bedroom space requires special preparation. Because in this place you can rest.

Discussion of the various beds has been discussed in previous topic. However, the overall bed space remains a discussion which is still in demand. Because the bedroom is the primary space in the house. A place to rest and remove fatigue after a day of activities.

Based on those reason, the bedroom should be conditioned or styled as possible. Although the actual into the category of private rooms, bedrooms still frequently visited by other people. Can be family members or guests. Some tricks and tips below might be a guide before you decide to organize your bedroom.


Choose neutral colors and soft so that the display space can make the mind more calm. Green, blue or other pastel decorative surface wall. Dark colors can focus your eyes to keep looking into the space. See other contrasting color through the furniture or accessories.

Like dimmer lighting (lights that can set the lighting level) is the best option. Despite having a bright headlights, or pairs should have the lights dimmed and the eyes a little rest. If you live alone, you should put on the table lamp on both sides. If the others still wants to read, does not interfere them who have sleep.

1. Angle of view:
Let dim candle replace the lights so the eye’s is not too painful. Choose a scented candle so that the atmosphere is different from the usual space.

2. Touches:
Avoid pillows that are too dense contents and allow the head and your hand hold it.

3. Sound source:
Play low voices as musical instruments or a round of low-level fan. The voices are able to eliminate the commotion around and relaxing.

4. Pillows
Select a pillow that is not really too crowded but able to support the head well from the beginning to wake up. Choose a very soft pillow to avoid neck or shoulder pain. Choose a medium to them that used to sleep on their stomach. A more solid option for those accustomed who sleep with their back.

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