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The important thing to lay the tiles

Lay Soft TilesThere are some tips about how to lay soft floor tiles the tiles that should remember when you run your project, so your job of laying floor tiles will runs smoothly. The important thing about how to lay hard floor tiles is always checking the alignment as you go. It is better to check on the ones laid prior to the fresh ones to ensure they have not moved for every 2 to 3 floor tiles you lay.

Find the starting point.
Use chalk line and tape measure and find the middle of your walls. With this thing at floor level, run the line from one wall to other wall that opposite it, keeping the line even with wall center point. To get a guide, snapping the line on the floor and do this to other walls, and then you will have exact center. In this center the first tile will go.

Follow the pattern
Select exactly the arrangement on the floor. Maybe staggered checkerboard fashion or side-by-side. To decide this, you can set up a guide line and snapping it perpendicular to the door with a chalk line. You can use a square to make sure it is really perpendicular. Put something to act as a spacer between each tile to ensure that you keep things straight. Run it straight the other direction, from one end of the room to the other. The spacer is used as a guide to lay tiles the other direction. Use spacers between all of the tiles. You will now want to measure uncovered space in both directions, and cut partial tiles to fill in those blank spots.

lay hard tilesLay the whole tiles.
Spread out the adhesive with a notched trowel over just a small area in two or three square feet at a time should be enough. Then, with a twisting motion, make sure it’s still on the line with your spacers. Use your level and square frequently to ensure everything lines up is right. Then move outward toward the walls, and covering another square 3 foot area. After all whole tiles are down, let the tiles set overnight.

Lay your border partial tiles.
Set the adhesive for the main tiles. After this it should be safe to walk on it and finish up with the border. When you are butting two tiles together with especially the tile grout spacers in place, it’s easy to push adjacent tiles out of position without noticing it. If you feel that too much pressure when pushing one tile towards the neighboring floor tile, you need to double check the alignment. As you lay the floor tiles also, you can clean the wet mortar from the grout lines. Don’t leave excessive mortar and go back and clean it out later. If you forget the certain spots or late before you finished them, and will find that mortar have dried and it is require chiseling out that can consuming more time. You can wipe them out with a grout spacer to clean the excess, and wipe down any that spills out onto a floor tile surface with brush or a damp cloth.

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