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Fast & Easy to home renovation and make over the interior

home interiorKey to a successful renovation is to know what is wanted at once to adjust the fees. So, plan well the theme of interior renovation. Classical, minimalist, modern or ethnic? Determine also the cost, so it does not deviate from the original plan.

If still confused, the following steps could be a reference to the renovation of more effective and efficient:
1. Look for a lot of references before the renovation, especially to find the right design that can be applied in your home.
2. When funds are limited, there is no harm in selecting quality materials currently used products. Search carefully, who knows the material can find cheap but good quality.
3. Important element that can be modified in the interior of the house include: wall elements, floor elements, furniture, and accessories.
4. Do not waste your furniture and accessories that are still viable.

Next, you live see the interior renovation tricks that can be applied in the living room, family room, to room. Some can even be made of existing furniture in the house. Take it easy, fast and easy, really.

1. Enlarge Photo
Choose the most preferred image, whether it be family photos, vacation together, passing The Liver Fruit, and many more. Do not half-hearted, prints up to size 22 RP / R.

Then frame by frame flashy colors, like bright yellow or light blue. Shelf in the living room or family, are all directly radiated joy.

Want unique? Hanging with similar theme but of different frames in different sizes and shapes on the wall. Gradations of color on the frame is also worth a try. What is clear, setting the frame’s position is very important.

2. Painting
Hearing the word painting, do not rush to think the price must be expensive. Spend a little time to write off a small canvas 20×20 cm. If you have not accomplished, color it with a favorite color blocks that are aligned with one another.

Or search just the size of the painting had been in various galleries. Usually more affordable. Then, attach to the wall, just above the headboard.

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